My Pooping Confuses Me! (serious question though)

  1. My Pooping Confuses Me! (serious question though)

    So for the last few months it seems that the first time I eat anything substantial with protien in a day, I have to rush to take a crap within 30 minutes, and that's if I'm lucky, usually its is within 5 minuts of chewing and swallowing. Usually for the rest of the day/meals I'm fine, but occasionally it happens on another meal, or I get a second "urge" about 30 minutes after the first (but these are quite rare), and then sometimes there are infrequent days where this doesn't happen at all... I'm so confused! Any help and suggestions on this $h!tty subject would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Don't sound odd to me .. Mine is generally after the second meal of the day (high protien) .. One movement a day is normal .. Sometimes a second one of you eat frequently ..

    More importantly is what the actual stool is like .. Constantly loose or runny is something to pay attention to .. I have always been told that sinkers are better than floaters but given my diet I don't pay alot of attention to that ..

    Dehydration makes it a bit painful to get out .. There is a thread on that someplace ...

    If its a consistent and a "normal" stool I wouldn't worry .. But the doc would be the final word if your really worried

  3. It is just really odd to me, because I could have already taken a morning dump, and all of the sudden i'm rushing to the bathroom for just a couple little nuggets...


  4. Yeah that happens to me occasionally to .. Annoying LOL

  5. How many g of protein are in these meals? If its anything more than 45g you probably will be running to the bathroom it might be too much for your body to process so the excess is turned to waste(aka poopies)

  6. Nah, nothing extreme in terms of protien. Take today for an example:

    Woke up around 8.
    Had one small piece of beef jerky around 9-9:30 and within 5 minutes I had the urge that I was gonna have an explosive poop!
    fast forward to lunch had a very very heavy protien meal (2 eggs, 4 more eggs worth of egg whites, and a couple pieces of lowfat turkey bacon), zero urge to poop yet and its 10 hours later...

    It is just so confusing!


  7. Maybe your just a morning guy .. Lol

    Just a thought .. Your system is full and as soon as put something in the belly your body is making room for it ..

    My dogs always have to go as soon as we feed them .. Much shorter digestive trac but same concept ..

  8. Its just really odd to me, as this is something I've only started experiencing in the last few months when I've been trying to start really cleaning my diet up.


  9. Are you recently coming off an oral cycle? Whenever I PCT my stomach is always in shambles. Orals do work on your stomach, too. If this is the case, it should probably subside within a few weeks. It will take your body that long to adjust off of the DS/PH.

  10. Nope, haven't touched anything in years other than a basic multi. I've started adding my other staple supps (fish oil, super b, glucosamine/chondroitin/msm, zinc, magnesium, etc.) back in though, but this started way before that as well.


  11. just cleaned up your diet was the key - if you changed your diet your body will need to adjust, it can take some time. My regularity changed big time when I started eating clean.. just stick with it and it should even out and you'll know your schedule.
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  12. LoL, thanks for all the help ya'll.


  13. Something I forgot .. Maybe a clense .. They got teas you can drink that will clean out your system .. Make crap like crazy for a day or two .. Supposed to be good for ya .. Personally .. I crap enough .. But ...

  14. Yeah, I take 2 nice dumps a day... maybe 3 lol, I think i'll pass.


  15. Gastrocolic Reflex

    That's what it sounds like when you say it happens right after you ingest some food. As for the why now, I don't know

  16. Well, I think the cleaning up of my diet is probably the most logical reason, it is a pretty drastic shift, I've had an interesting couple years... LOL (no jail/prison/etc, just not what I expected to be doing is all)


  17. Other then the stimulation of the intestines and the peristalic contractions that ingesting foods can cause, magnesium is also a smooth muscle relaxer that relaxes the intestines and the sphincter ala milk of magnesia. It should subside over time though.
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