Importance of fruit and veggies while taking multi/green complex?

  1. Importance of fruit and veggies while taking multi/green complex?

    Basically what im asking is, is there any importance to getting a good variety of fruits and vegatables in your diet if your already supplementing with a fruit and green complex and a multivitamin?

    The reason i ask is more for fruit, i get a good amount of veggies anyways cause i like them and i just buy steamed bags so don't have to worry about them going bad. But that being said fruit is a pain to buy and goes bad so quickly, i love fruit don't get me wrong and buy it when i can but i hate going to the store 2-3 times a week for fruit.

    Basically is there any real importance or need to get fruit and veggies in with supplements?

  2. Im one to say theres no substitute for the real deal, but if your pressed for time and the convenience factor i cant see it being a major problem, i mean as you mentioned your eating green vegies anyway.
    "Dont worry about the burn man! You can do Jane Fonda classes if you want the burn"

  3. Buy frozen fruit. Berries can easily be blended into shakes.

    And yes, there is more to vegetables than what I feel you can get out of powdered complex, such as maintaining methylation balance via TMG and folate consumption.


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