Tried my first scoop of this stuff today, and since no good reviews exist I thought I'd give my 2.
I was honestly scared of this supplement after reading reviews and watching a video on YouTube but my Armageddon came completely powdery and enclosed.
I ordered lemon iced tea on accident and was very scared to try this. After nuttin up I pounded it down and it honestly just tasted like snapper iced tea, a lot better than I had expected.
Anyways today was leg day and I noticed a GREAT, not just good, pump. I chose this supp as it is pretty low on the stims which I am taking a well needed break from. After a 1.5 hour leg workout my legs were pumped as hell!!! The effects reminded a lot of White Flood which I liked a lot. For only 9.99 at supplement warehouse you can't deny that!!!