2012 Transformation...Help?!

  1. Smile 2012 Transformation...Help?!

    I guess I fall into the category of making resolutions. However, this is the first year I have actually written them down and I intend to follow through with them. I'm fairly new to the fitness world so I KNOW I will need help along the way. I have a lot of life goals I'm wanting to achieve, but my main goals are fitness related. I feel everything else will fall into place once I succeed in that area! I'm 27 year old female, and practically a giant at 5 feet! Ha, I'm short, so my weight 140, is def overweight. I hide it well with clothes, but I'm sick of being uncomfortable in my own skin! My goals are to get my weight down to around 115, and after I reach my goal weight I want to tone up and get LEAN, not a beast, i'm not trying to do that. Lean, and in shape. I want to be able to do outdoors things again, and play in some sports leagues, etc. I have a lot of weight to lose, and aside from changing my diet and kicking up my training, I'm not sure what to do. Everything I have done in the past has failed. Any one want to offer up and tips or advice on nutrition and/or training?!

  2. First thing I would want to know before I offer any training/nutrition advice would be your current idea of a healthy nutrition and training plan. What is your plan so far? What worked the best for you in the past? Any supplement history? I find it is much easier to help someone with their goals by making adjustments to their plan rather than offer a whole new one.
    And welcome to the forum.
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  3. I'm not sure I have a healthy idea, and I think that's my problem! I have always been a junk-a-holic, but it's never mattered before. Before I could eat whatever I wanted and maintain regular cardio ( I never did strength training), and I never gained weight. I have recently started looking at regimes. Once I started gaining, I wanted to try this pill(healthytrim) or that shake (isagenix, lasted 3 days, GROSS), dumb I know, and of course, didn't happen. But the regimes I have view have mentioned eat lots of protein all day long, egg whites, chicken, loads of veggies, I've tried a few, but I never lose and they make me more hungry. Im always hungry! I'm a teacher so by the time I get home I'm famished, and exhausted. I end up eating junk, and too tired to work out. SO Epic fail all the way around. I'm just not sure how to get a plan in place that will work for me. Nothing has really worked for me in the past. I lack expertise, I need discipline, etc! I have never used suppliments other than protein powder. I tried the shakeology and isagenix, but for a meal replacement, it was laughable. Never filled me up!

  4. Well first off anything you see in your local supermarket as far as "supplements" go I would avoid lol. They never seem to work IMO. There are plenty of better things online and for cheaper.
    Before you even bother with supplements though I would focus more on your diet. You want to lose weight while toning the muscles, which is actually a lot easier than it sounds. For every one pound of new muscle you will burn an extra 35-50 calories it is estimated. So doing some higher rep weight training along with your cardio--stimulating new muscle growth, will aide in burning extra calories.
    You had the right idea with those food items. Stay away from red meats the best you can, try and get most of your nutrition through whole foods like chicken, fish, turkey, brown rice, green veggies, etc, and only drink the shakes when you have to (I drink one in the morning and one post workout).
    I can post some diet and exercise suggestions more in detail later, kinda busy at work.
    BUT, if after this you're still into finding some supplements, Slin Sane is a great one for starters, it helps utilize carbs better. Something like Slim FX or 2Shredded will help burn calories throughout the day while also giving you energy AND suppressing appetite, could be something you could benefit from since you're hungry at the end of the day.
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  5. Yea I kept hearing that I need to do some weight lifting. I guess I was just afraid I would bulk up. Being as short as I am, I didn't want to look like a meatball lol. So I have tried to do minimal weight training. I'm not opposed to it though, in fact I like it better than cardio. I just don't know what I am doing obviously! Thats good to know that you can burn more calories, I never knew that. I will have to try to find a whole foods store where I am. We have a trader joes, which might be the only thing, but I'm pretty sure they have whole foods. I will have to research that more. I look forward to hearing what else you post about diet and exercise, I think if I have a plan written out i'm more likely to follow it (prolly the teacher in me). I like the quote "fail to plan, plan to fail" I haven't been planning my meals or bringing enough food to work with me. I have about 10 minutes for lunch and when I snack it has to be in front of the kids, but I gotta eat! I will hold out on the suppliments for now. I will see how the new plan works out for me and go from there. Thank you for the suggestions though, I'm going to still look into them just in case I feel I need them. No worries on responding in a timely fashion. I'm busy at work too and probably won't be able to check this again until I get home. Have a good day!!

  6. Asking for input is a good step .. You will get sound advice from the people here .. One thing that worked for me .. I hired a trainer/nutritionist .. More specifically to do a competition .. however, I found that having someone I had to sit across the table from and answer to, made me try a little harder.. Pay a little more attention to the details .. For me its in the details .. I was meeting with him once a month strictly for diet review and body fat measurements .. He would set a goal and give me a month to achieve it .. Try different things (diet) to see how my body reacted .. Just having someone to answer to seems to work for alot of people .. As a teacher I know your funds are limited but might be something to consider .. Along with the help from the gobs of knowledge here, you can achieve whatever goals you set for yourself

  7. I would love to be able to afford a trainer/nutritionist. But with my teacher salary, grad and undergrad loans, and reg bills, I can't afford to splurge on that. Having someone to answer to is def ideal. I think I really would like someone to encourage me daily/weekly to achieve my goals it would def help. I'm hoping to get lots of tips and advice on here, and maybe that will suffice for my daily encouragement. Everyone on here, aside from me, seems to be very knowledgable!

  8. I've found Fitocracy to be a big help with motivation and accountability. Some days you want to live the weight and some days you're just not feeling it. When I know I'm going to be posting my workout where others can see it, I keep going. Also helps me to go heavier because I want to look back at my charts and see my progress. Maybe it's silly but it's really worked for me.

  9. Well for you, I would keep calories around 1500 to help cut. Split up into smaller meals throughout the day to keep metabolism higher.
    Casein will be your friend to feed you slower digesting protein over a period of time, like cheese and cottage cheese, or casein shakes. My preference for a ration of protein/carbs/fat for fat loss is 50/25/25.
    You can actually look up calculators on google that will let you plug in your goal weight and other stats and it will tell you exactly how to diet.
    Beastblogger.com has some calculators on it, nothing too in depth but could check it out.
    For workouts, I would do some full body work 3 times a week. Pick a chest workout, legs, arms, etc, and do 1-2 sets for every exercise, staying around 12-20 reps. This will tone and slightly build muscle while burning calories. You can do cardio as time permits, say half an hour three days a week.
    I personally can't comment much on cardio. Every time I've needed to burn calories I just do high rep training and it works for me. Maybe I'm a freak.

    And stay away from carbs prior to bed. This will increase GH output during sleep.
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  10. Go Big...I hear ya! self-motivation is the best.

    FL3X...thanks for the tips. I really appreciate it! Your not a freak, I hate cardio, but I know I gotta do it a little bit to stay motivated and on track. AND I'm signed up for 5 races this year so I need to train using cardio. Any way, thanks!

  11. Well good luck to you. Let me know if you have any more questions or anything.
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  12. Will do! I'll prolly post updates soon. Thanks again.


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