Where can I go to get a Test, test?

  1. Where can I go to get a Test, test?

    As the title says really?

    For personal interest/confidence more than anything.

    I know it might sound stupid but I've been scared or everything all my life, I tried overcoming it by competing in Boxing but only managed 7 fights before calling it a day, can never really give it my all during training etc. Find it hard to get hard and stay hard when getting with girls (at 20 I shouldn't have this prob!) Also no sex drive

    I know a lot of this is in the mind but I am just curious where my body is at

  2. I would suggest getting a full hormonal panel, not just test.

    Check out local urologists who specialize in reproduction and male hormones. I see your location is the UK, but this is an example of who I would recommend if you were in the US east coast: http://www.wernermd.com/

    There's also online tests where you can get a blood draw via a health care provider, and then send the sample in and they will run the assay.

    Finally, if you look around at universities you may find some research being done on the hormonal responses to exercise or nutrition. This is an easy way to get some free work done.


  3. I WORK at a University (Fitness Instructor @ Northumbria University) and I take part in a lot of their research programmes (Their last one was effects of Tyrocine on Lactate threshold levels).

    I'll definitely ask the guys thoug if they've got anything coming up.

    Also thanks for the full hormonal panel, never knew there was such a thing

  4. You might be able to get one done there if you have friends in the biochem department...You'll probably just have to pay for the assay costs.


  5. Definitely worth a shot, worst they can say is no.

    Thanks for the heads up, never even thought about that



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