Thoughts on my diet please

  1. Thoughts on my diet please

    I am 23 around 5'9 and 183 pounds.

    My goal with this diet is to lose some inches on my waist and get a flatter stomach.

    7am: 4 egg whites very light cheese 6 slices of turkey breast, and a half cup of grape nuts with 2% milk
    9:30am: apple and celery
    12pm: romaine salad with chicken breast and low fat salad dressing. And some croutons.
    2:30 pm: protein bar low sugar.
    6pm: salmon with broccoli and corn.
    8:30pm: handful of almonds

    As far as workout goes I run 5 days a week at least 2 miles a day. Alternating between endurance and interval running. And I usually lift 3 to 4 days a week light weight high reps.

    As this diet stands right now I'm taking in about 1800 cals a day. Which is really low but eating completely clean like I am trying to do doesn't really rack up the cals.

    So I am basically asking what caloric range should I be at based on my physical workload and goal. Because I start to feel guilty when I eat much more than this. And also what foods can help me get to that range.

  2. Basically bro, based on all your running plus lifting weights ive classed you in the moderately active area your maintenance calories based on your stats are (2985) cals. If you want to lose fat a reasonable reduction for a moderately deficit diet might be 20% below maintenance which is 3 calories a lb.

    As far as your training is concerned i would jump on a full body routine, focus on lifting heavy weights with the main compounds, the whole lifting light weight at high rep is a myth as far as helping with fat loss, they have there place dont get me wrong but i think you would benefit more on focusing on strength gains. Then on you off days do HIIT traiing, which i personally find best when combined with strength training. (Hill sprints work a treat!!!!)

    Example might look like this:
    Day 1 - Fullbody
    Day 2 - HIIT
    Day 3 - Fullbody
    Day 4 - HIIT
    Day 5 - Fullbody
    Day 6 - Off
    Day 7 - Off

    Hope this helps a little...

  3. Appreciate the reply brotha. Yah I was in insane shape about a year and a half ago doing that same schedule you recommended but I gained a lot of mass which wasn't bad but I am looking for a leaner look now. Although my diet was a lot different (more carbs and a lot more protein). Now I'm eating pretty clean and also drinking nothing but water.

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