Broken bones and training

  1. Broken bones and training

    Hay AM's, I broke my ulna and radius in my forearm around 7 months ago, had to have surgery with 2 plates and 12 pins put in. Im now six weeks back into training and aiming for a bb comp in june or october 2012 depending on where my bodies at.

    My arm still hurts a fair bit on certain movements, mainly due to losing alot of pronation/supination, curls on the bent bar is pushing the limit and hurts the most. But i work around it all...

    So i was just wondering who else out there among the communtiy has had similar accidents/injuries and still manages to push through there training??
    (I have a slight lump when i hit a side tricep on my broken arm, i wonder if that will count as looking like an extra muscle )

  2. Bump! So no one else has had some broken bones or other serious injuries at an older age and done well with making a comeback on there training?

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