How can I tell if the symptoms I have are due to IBS?

  1. How can I tell if the symptoms I have are due to IBS?

    Okay, when I was doing keto, which I've done alot in the past, I never had stomach problems or gas. I've been on and off a lower carb version of Lean Gains, but whenever I eat carbs from sources like wheat from cereal, or very sugary things I become toxic. How can I tell if I have IBS or not? When I eat those types of carbs I have frequent, intense bowel movements and stomach bloating, but nothing so bad that it's borderline painful in anyway. Oats, rice, corn/dextrose, certain fruits don't bother me, but wheats, lactose, sugar just tear me up. What could be the cause of this?

  2. Gluten intolerance and a milk allergy. I have similar reactions when I intake either.

    I find I can still do gluten/lactose free whey powder. But I NEED digestive enzymes and probiotics along side. Wheat etc I just stay the hell away from.
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  3. what about regular sugar? I'm trying to single out just what exactly is responsible for my symptoms of gas, flatulence, bloating etc. This morning I came home and had plain whole oats mixed with soy milk and honey and although I feel ok now, I'm just a tiny bit gassy. My wife says that I could have an allergy to sugar, cane sugar etc too. Last night after a workout I had some fruity pebbles cereal bc it doesn't list wheat but only rice and it's high in sugar, and I had the same symptoms after I ate that. I know I am allergic to milk already. How would I go about trying to bulk while avoiding these foods that stir up these symptoms and ulitimately make me sick? I've done keto diets before and I just do not want to go back bc I had zero energy, and I did them spot on every time. What can I do to bulk?

  4. Yeh I hear you there, Ive found that creatine, whey and glutamine really helps with that. LEF has such a product, even though theres dairy in it, once a day doesnt bother much. Dairy is the primary irritant in most cases, glutamine really helps with IBS, ya gotta find the food triggers and avoid them. IBS is autoimmune triggered by food allergy. A fiber supplement helps too. Hope that helps you.

  5. I had similar, started using MSM powder twice a day, sorted it completely, and joints much better too

  6. Jayrock, you may want to immerse yourself in the splendiforous delight of the blood-type diet.

    Not only will you find out your body isn't wrong, but that your body's reactions to certain foods are correct.

    Rep power, here I come!


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