easier way to get in fruits and vegetables?

  1. easier way to get in fruits and vegetables?

    Im not really getting enough fruits and vegetables in my diet, but id like to. I was thinking about getting a food processor and throwing a bunch of greens into that, as well as making fruit smoothies. Any better ideas? Or certain ones that you like to eat with chicken or fish.

    As of right now i eat 3 bananas a day, 2sweet potatoes, and maybe a can of green beans. Ive never really been good at picking out vegatables to mix with my chicken or fish.

  2. I throw some berries in the oatmeal or shakes even ..

    Brocolli .. Lil olive oil in a pan sauteed for a few minutes .. Very yummy .. Instead of green beans ..

    You can get citrus fruit already cut up, packed in h2o .. Grapefruit etc .. At Wal-Mart ..

    I try to make a steak or chicken salad couple times a week .. They also sell different leafy mixtures now .. Personally Iceburg seems like a waste of chewing to me ..
    Fresh spinach, walnuts or almonds , oranges and warm chicken with a light drizzle of lo-fat italian dressing makes for a nice meal

    They even have a drink called Green Goodness by Bolthouse Farms .. Its not too untasty (kinda expensive) supposed to be 8 servings of fruits and veggies .. Just drink your veggies??

  3. this is going to sound weird but its actually good. take some FROZEN broccoli, and mix it with a scoop of protein powder some splenda and just enough almond milk to allow it to mix right and put it in a blender and it will make a healthy protein packed milk shake. The frozen broccoli acts as an ice cream base you honestly cant taste the broccoli (add some sugar free chocolate syrup if you need a little more chocolate flavor. i know it sounds nasty but try it once youll be suprised.

  4. Buy a juicer
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