Which approach to diet?

  1. Which approach to diet?

    I've seen sample diets where people eat most, if not all, carbs in the morning and then try to stick to protien heavy foods the rest of the day and then I hear about people toating Tupperware with the same thing in it for all day meals. Are people really eating the same thing ALL DAY as long as it's all balanced? I am trying to hammer out my diet as I feel it's the weak point in my training. It's not bad but I would like some specifics. I want a diet where I know that I am going to be balanced and see results. Any suggestions? Thoughts?

  2. It seems like people either have ridiculous amounts of time to make intricate varied meals everyday or like you said eat the same meal 6 times a day. I'm sold on the same meal multiple times a day though cause it seems very easy to follow and maintain but I wish someone would post about it in greater detail.

  3. To maintain my macro balance, profile and sanity I usually only eat a few different foods a day. I eat a LOT of lean beef, so I'll usually prepare 2-3 sirloin tip roasts per week as well as 4-6 pounds of 97% lean hamburger. I mix that in with protein shakes, egg whites, chicken and turkey for all of my proteins.

    Carbs-I eat black beans, red beans, pinto beans, rolled oats and sweet potatoes.

    Fat-pistachios, almonds, whole eggs, avocados, peanuts, natty peanut or almond butter.

    Unless its my refeed window day, that's what I eat every day of the week.
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