Who doesn’t love cookies!??! This is a recipe for a low carb and keto friendly chocolate chip cookie that is ready in minutes! For those of you who complain that you don’t cook because you “don’t have the time”, this is your new dessert! You just mix and pop in the microwave for 2 minutes! The key to this cookie is the protein powder! Nitro-Pro has THE BEST tasting cookie and cream protein powder I have EVER had! I highly recommend it! Not only are the nutritional facts outstanding….the taste is AMAZING…AND…no it doesn’t have artificial sweeteners (it’s sweetened with stevia). When I made my post-workout protein shake with it I felt like I was having a cookie dough milkshake!
Whey isolate is one of the purest proteins available and contains the essential amino acids required to build healthy muscles and tissues. Nitro Pro contains L-arginine, which according to recent research increases blood circulation, muscle mass, reduces the healing time of injuries and improves the body’s immune system. Although there are many protein powders on the market today, the ingredients of Nitro-Pro provides you with all the essential ingredients to build muscle. Nitro-Pro protein optimizes muscle nitrogen retention levels, increases BCAA absorption by 250%, increases amino acid plasma levels by 110%, and increases nitrogen retention by 32%.


1 Scoop Nitro Pro Cookies and Cream Protein (Look at the end of the post for the amazon link)
1 Egg
1/2 Tbsp Safflower Oil
1/2 tsp Butter Extract
1/2 Serving of Almonds (About 13 almonds)
1/4 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk


1. Chop almonds into bits (you can use a food processor but for best results chop by hand to ensure you get “bits” rather than a ground powder)

2. In a bowl, combine egg, oil, protein, milk, butter extract, and chopped almonds.

3. Place bowl in microwave and microwave for 2 minutes. (You want to be sure not to overcook it so that it stays moist!)

4. Let cool and invert bowl onto plate

5. There you go! 3 minute low carb chocolate chip cookie!

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For a link to the Nitro-Pro Cookies and Cream Protein for this recipe, visit the site, find the post under the "desserts" tab, and scroll to the end of the recipe!