diet help!

  1. diet help!

    Ok guys im getting back into the game, and I am not trying to be a bodybuilder, but I just want to eat healthy and get back to being helthy instead of eating pizza 6 times a week haha ughh!

    So far this is what Im doing,

    morning: 3/4 cup of egg beaters, one whole egg, one piece of cheese, glass of orange juice
    Hour later: TrueMass protein shake
    Lunch: Turkey sandwich on wheat bread only one piece of cheese.
    dinner: some type chicken breast or steak with can of green beans!

    how does this look? I do snack throughout the day on protein bars, peanuts, bananas, and some other fruit.

  2. If you're eating that exact plan everyday I'll tell you right now - it won't last. You have to diversify to keep it interesting not to mention to expose your body to a variety of nutrients. Do salmon once or twice a week. Have broccoli a couple of nights (if nothing else for it's anti-estrogen properties and super health properties), and don't forget the spinach. Do tuna sandwiches (use the low-fat mayo with olive oil). Have some almonds for their good fats. Change it up... it's more motivating looking forward to new items everyday.

    Don't forget your cheat meal somewhere in there too (not cheat day, not cheat weekend... but cheat meal - anything you want)

  3. thanks for the tips, I do change it up a bit, but that is just a rough outline of what I eat, I am a hunter so I have a lot of deer meat that I eat, it is very low fat, and I enjoy eating that.

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