Whey headache

  1. Ok, I wasn't sure if I should post this in nutrition or supplements so I just picked this. I recently had 2 migraines in a 2 week period, and these were bad. So bad I was worried I was getting brain damage. Both were "occular" migraines, which I know isn't a professional term, but it starts with a flashing worm like thing that grows In my vision till it becomes kind of a black hole. Then my head kills me and i basically am out the whole day. These two migraines however, were really scary because the first one, my left hand went numb, and the second one, the right side of my face went numb, then 40 min later my right hand went numb.

    Anyways, I've been drinking mass amounts of milk and whey protein from wall mart. I just found out whey protein concentrate contains glutamine, which causes massive migraines and eventually can cause brain damage and death, including Lou Gerhigs disease (sorry bad spelling.) it's freakin MSG and taking mass amounts in a bulking phase.....

    I want to know if anyone knows more about this, if it's in all whey types or just the concentrate, and any recommendations besides the obvious stop taking it. I also realize the whey may not be the cause of it, but I feel like its a good place to start looking! Thanks for your help guys.

  2. Kevin,
    Sorry to hear about the migraine attacks. My wife and one of my daughters experience similar symptoms. We have tried recording food intakes for potential triggers but the attacks have continued. Dairy products including whey were eliminated from diets without result. One general practitioner has suggested that the episodes may have a hormonal trigger in both men and women but I haven't seen much in the way of academic support for this.
    My personal belief is that stress / cortisol levels may be a factor as exam and other high pressure periods seem to coincide with their migraines.
    I know that most people think of migraines in terms of headaches and maybe light sensitivity. To me it's much more akin to a stroke.
    I hope you have identified your "trigger" and that you can avoid future episodes.

  3. I can't say that sounds normal. The worst thing that has happened to me while taking whey was bad gas.
    If it's that bad I wouldn't waste my time on a forum, I'd make an appointment to see the doc if it's an option.
    Are you taking anything other supplements other than whey protein?

  4. yes. first of all, the ingredient I was referring to was glutamate, not glutamine. Glutamate supposedly is similar to MSG, and causes nerological over excitement and neron death, according to many sources, but not all of course.

    Anyways, I am also taking ghrp-6 and cjc-1295. I think the cjc could be the suspect. I pinned this morning and got a headache so **** that!
    I also have been reading today that it is a possibility to get headaches from it, so there we go. I think thats the problem.

    I also eat a ton of cottage cheese and other foods that are "headache inducing foods." You know, like everything? I think the list is like bananas, nuts, dried fruit, fruit, grains, dairy, coffee, meat, pretty much everything.

    So what I am going to do, is cut out the whey and cottage cheese, the cjc, and also get my eyes rechecked. I think these are the big 3 that need to be fixed to see if I get any results. I may just need to get a different and better kind of whey as well if I decide I want the whey.

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