ok so i've had gyno since i was like 8 years old from being fat. at around age 12 i was 120 lb, and 5'4", so i was skinny, but i always noticed i had a small amount of fat around my nipples. at age 14 i was 175, 5'7" and had already worked out a few times, but i could never get rid of the gyno, in fact it had worsened. i'm now 15, and weigh exactly 200, still 5'7", and although i do have body fat on me most of the weight is muscle. i squat and deadlift 315 (just got up to 315 on deadlift today ) and bench 225. i've also never touched a steroid, but i have gynecomastia, and it's gotten worse since i upped in bench. so far it doesn't droop or anything, but the nips are visible through my shirt and it really pisses me off because it ruins my physique, i also know for a fact it's gyno because i can feel the hard glands underneath my skin.

i just finished running tamoxifen 20 mg 1x daily on it's own for about 3 weeks and only a MILD reduction occurred. the only reason i didn't keep taking it is because of my age and because i read it lowers igf-1 and therefore it's bad for muscle growth. i was thinking of running exemestane but i'm not sure if i should considering i'm only 15 and it can "permanently" interfere with my estrogen receptors.

any thoughts? i'm heading to mexico tomorrow and i'm thinking of picking up either exemestane or letrozole. thanks all.