How would you do it?

  1. How would you do it?

    I am in terrible shape and live an unhealthy lifestyle and need to make some changes. I am 6'3 250 lbs 25 years old, and have put on 50-60 lbs since January after quitting cigarettes after being a smoker for 10 years. Most of this weight can be attributed to increase appetite (eating non healthy foods) and drinking way too much beer. I work on the internet so my physical activity through out the day is mostly sitting in a chair and clicking buttons plus any other physical activities I do (none, except swimming in the ocean everyday during summer). I haven't lifted consistently since 2004 so I really dont have any muscle mass, just a nice beer belly, some man boobs, and some stretch marks. I am tall though with a skinny frame, so I definately have that skinny fat look and would like to done with that.

    Ideally I'd like to put on muscle mass for 3-4 months and then cut the excess fat and improve my cardiovascular health. I am pretty out of shape though and it has me concerned. I obviously plan to cut out the alcohol consumption to almost zero and work on putting together a solid bulking diet. But how would you ease into physical activity? What would your plan of action be for the first month? 6 months?

  2. I'd suggest getting yourself a kettlebell, to start. You can ease into swings and gradually increase the volume. KB swings are one of the best exercises you can do and will definitely help reduce that belly. You can get a really solid cardio blast in very little time with a KB and it will strengthen your core like no other.

    I'd start with that and work your way into lifting. KB swings will only help you. Plus, as someone who works on the web myself, it's definitely a clutch exercise for improving posture, which working on a comp. all day can affect.

    Drink as much water as you can throughout the day. Also, I make a shake that is essentially, blended vegetables and it really helps with my energy levels.

    1 cucumber
    5 bushels of kale
    4 stalks of celery
    1 thumb sized piece of ginger
    black berries
    almost milk

    Make sure you blend and don't juice them, that way you get all of the fiber, which will definitely help improve you intestinal health and clear our any **** (no pun intended) in your colon from years of bad eating.

    Good luck!!

  3. I definitely second getting a kettlebell. Killer. Love my 40 pounder. Definitely focus on eating mostly vegetables and protein and try and stay away from white carbs and grains, unless of course it's pre or post workout.
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  4. Make sure you start slow and set Reasonable goals. Dont look to lose 30lbs a month.. I would just get a solid routine going and stick with it for the next few months then slow add and change some things up.. I would pass on the bulking for 3-4 months.. Just concentrate on doing a solid workout 3-4 times for few months then change.
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