High rbc count

  1. High rbc count

    If u take something that boosts red blood cell count will the body need more iron? Or will it always need the same amount of iron regardless of rbc count?

  2. a little more specific please.

    im on trt and and every 4 months i give a double red blood cell donation to keep my blood in the normal range in terms of thickness. my iron is never high or low and i dont supplement it
    Noob looking for alot of guidance
    I've got a hold of some omnadren 250(is sustanon better?) and I'm pretty much clueless about steroids. All i know about it is that it easily aromatizes and it holds alot of water

  3. K u pretty much answered my q. Ty

  4. Buuuut, if u get too high rbc count and it effects thickness would aspirin help

  5. yes. increased RBC count can increase risk for thinker blood and clotting. and yes, asprin is an antiplatelet drug. it will help prevent blood cells from clotting. but you dont want to take it every single day unless your doctor approves of a low dose asprin for you daily. it can destoy your stomachs lining.



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