1. Honey?

    Would natural honey be good for post workout? Any thoughts opinions would be beneficial. I know its made up of fructose and glucose.

  2. Why would you want fructose post workout? Also I don't know how fast honey digests, but it could alter the rate of your protein digestion when it gets all mucked up in there. Also it has to digest at around the same speed as the protein so that you're getting the protein while your insulin is high...
    How are you going to get all that honey down? Just gonna drink it in the gym out of the bottle? :0

  3. I heard buckwheat honey is good post w/o something to do with antioxidents in it.I use to use it in my morning wake up shake(1tbsp,whey,mixed in black coffee)

  4. a lot of honey has the pollen removed which makes it less healthy and less good for you

    look for a hawaiian raw honey,

  5. well i have been using natural honey post workout and yes i have been taking the jar to gym with me and having 4 tbls. with a whey protein shake. Its from a local be farmer that i get it from and not the supermarket. I was taking waxy maize and liked it but im looking for something with nutritional value. Would two greenish/ yellow banana's be better. I read somewhere that the less ripe they are the more glucose they contain and this would be ideal. im mainly looking for a good carb source pwo. I was just wondering becuase i read somewhere that glucose in combination with fructose was good pwo.

  6. Im just looking for something to help with lean gains basically. I like to have fun with diet but like to look good also. Meal timing can make or break you physique and yes i could eat rice,meat, and veg. all day every day.

  7. Any suggestions? any help would greatly be appreciated.

  8. Honey is easily digested, in fact, probably too easily for what you're trying to accomplish.

    If you are going to eat honey, I'd suggest manuca honey (spelling ?) for the purported medicinal benefits.

  9. Honey is great source of the strength and loss some body fat also.
    I am taking honey with milk before the exercise and it provides me good amount of the strength.


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