estrogen blockers

  1. estrogen blockers

    Anyone have any advice on estrogen blockers..... I take a high dose of androgel daily... my doc wants me at 500, medium normal,, I shoot for 1000-1200, high normal ....., my doctor won't test me for estrogen,,,,, I'm concerned about aromatization.....

  2. A simple hormone panel should cover estrogen. If you wanted your levels checked, he would. If he doesn't, then get another doctor. Remember, he is YOUR doctor. If your concerned about estrogen aromatization, taking a low dose supp to help wouldn't be out of the realm of feasibility. 1 serving of erase/day, or even utilizing a natural AI like I3C would help.
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  3. The I3C sounds interesting. What is it?
    Would it or erase work well with large levels of test per week?

  4. When looking up I3C I saw some stuff on DIM.... Have you heard anything about this?

  5. Seriously though,,, doctors for the most part cater to the insurance companies, by giving you "good enough" .... I want "BEST" "OPTIMAL" .... hell the RDA for vitamins is the minimal amount needed to avoid sickness and death,, it is nowhere near the "optimal daily allowance" I am certainly willing to take minimal risks in search of "OPTIMAL" testosterone levels... not willing to do actual steroids which get T levels over 5k.... simply want the upper level of normal,,, not low or mid normal,,,,, I am not an idiot who just takes anything someone tells me to take and am far from being a lemming slave to marketing as well... I always research people's suggestions first



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