I just got a call from my doc's office a while ago and they signed off on my request for some blood work. The following are what I'm having drawn/checked:

- Copper
- Ceruloplasmin
- Chromium
- Zinc
- Selenium
- Calcium
- Magnesium
- Potassium
- Sodium

The way my current doctor-patient relationship works is that he is satisfied with where I'm at, so he won't pursue anything else, but he at least signs off on relevant blood work requests when I put them in (because I'm determined to figure out what's going on lol).

That being said, I never get instructions or directions on any of this stuff. In fact, my first blood draw in over 10 years (back in January) was done incorrectly, I'm pretty sure, because it was the middle of the afternoon and I had not been fasting and it was an overall panel that checked lipids, that from what I've read indicates should be done after fasting.

So, I've been digging up what info I can on the above and so far, I've found one place that said all vitamins/herbal supplements should be halted a week prior to checking copper or chromium (those were the only 2 of the 9 that particular site had to look at). Another site says no preparation is necessary for them, along with: sodium, calcium, potassium and ceruloplasmin. That site also mentioned an overnight fast may be needed for magnesium. I couldn't find any info on timing/preparation for zinc or selenium.

I'm going to pick up the form after I get off of work in a few hours and when I decide to get the blood drawn will depend on what I hear from some of you, as well as what I dig up online.

Of the 9 things I listed, do any of you know any specifics on when they should be drawn and if any preparation is needed? Also, what are the thoughts on ceasing vitamins for a week before going into it? I take my multi regularly and don't miss a dose, so wouldn't it be more beneficial to keep taking that since I know those numbers are going to be included in my daily life, anyway?

Thoughts/comments appreciated, as always.