High Fat Diets Research Studies - Please chime in

  1. High Fat Diets Research Studies - Please chime in

    Ok, so I've been doing the Keto like diet thing for a while now (about 11 months and running) and am currently with a Metabolic Diet approach ("FFA" with Carbs for a 12 - 24 hour span) and have seen some really good results from it and love the food it allows me to eat.

    Here's the thing though; everyone I talk with about this gives me the BS about how I'm going to die eating what I do, how my cholesterol will go through the roof, how my blood pressure will suck in 5 years, how my arteries are going to clog, etc. You know, the typical first response from anyone who's not familiar with this.

    So I'm now going to a family doctor who I had not seen for a while since I moved away. And I am 100% sure he will give me sh!t about what I eat on his old medicine ways. My blood panels have been great for a while (although I'm worried because I will probably be doing blood work when I visit this doctor as well as I will be merely 2 weeks removed from my AH+AM PCT and am worried that will alter my results a bit, for the worse).

    I figured since I will most likely face resistance from the doctor, as I have from everyone else in my family and from all of my friends, I would come prepared with some ammo and be able to strike back with more than just "I read this on a book" and have more scientifically proven studies and results to fire back.

    So I was looking for some feedback, links and studies published anywhere with regards to this topic and how it affects your health. Any input on the subject will be highly appreciated.
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  2. Basically anything by Dr. Jeff Volek at UConn. Here are a few:

    Volek JS and Forsythe CE.The Case for Not Restricting Saturated Fat on a Low-Carbohydrate Diet. Nutr Metab. 2005 Aug 31;2:21
    Volek JS, Sharman MJ, Forsythe CE.Modification of Lipoproteins by Very Low-Carbohydrate Diets. Review. J Nutr. 2005 Jun;135(6):1339-42

    Forsythe CE, Phinney SD, Fernandez ML, Quann EE, Wood RJ, Bibus DM, Kraemer WJ, Feinman RD, Volek JS. Comparison of Low Fat and Low Carbohydrate Diets on Circulating Fatty Acid Composition and Markers of Inflammation.Lipids. 2007; Nov 29
    Forsythe CE, French MA, Goh YK, Clandinin MT. Cholesterolaemic Influence of Palmitic Acid in the sn1,3 vs sn2 Position with High or Low Dietary Linoleic Acid in Healthy Young Men.Br J Nutr. 2007; Mar 29; 1-8.

    Volek JS, Quann EE, Forsythe CE. Low Carbohydrate Diets Promote a More Favorable Body Composition than Low Fat Diets.Lipids. 2009 Apr;44(4):297-309
    Volek JS, Phinney SD, Forsythe CE, Quann EE, Wood RJ, Puglisi MJ, Kraemer WJ, Bibus DM, Fernandez ML, Feinman RD. Carbohydrate Restriction Has a More Favorable Impact on the Metabolic Syndrome Than a Low Fat Diet.Lipids. 2008: Dec 12.

    Links to more:


    Have fun at the doctors.


  3. Charles Darwin ... Origin of Species.

    European scientists are now UPPING their recommended servings of veggies and fruits from 5 a day - to 8 per day. Reason? Why because they didn't see much benefit from people who consumed five servings of fruits and veggies - so they could either conclude they were wrong about fruits and veggies - or they could tell people to eat eight.

    Anyone here can eat EIGHT servings of rabbit food per day? Not me.

    Anyways - Charles Darwin taught us that animals evolve depending upon their environment. Sharks didn't evolve to eat Vanilla Ice Cream - because Vanilla Ice Cream isn't available in the ocean, where sharks live and ... evolved.

    Cro-Magnon man evolved as big game hunters. In the oldest areas where remains have been found - we've found the remains of almost every four legged animal that existed at the time - because Cro Mag was chowing on them. The very reason often cited for the "spread" of Cro-Mag throughout the world is attributed to his nomadic being - which was forced upon him by his NEED to hunt and pursue migratory animals for food.

    Did Cro-Mag eat Oranges? Sure - when he found them. He didn't grow them. He didn't have a grocery store. He couldn't FREEZE veggies for get him through the winter - Cro-Mag had no freezer - and no electrical power to power one if he did.

    Cro-Magnons (us) ... evolved to eat meat. That's the bottom line. It's not the only thing we eat - but it should be, at the very least - a big part of our diets.

    One dentist observing Eskimos in the 30's noted that the PRIMITIVE eskimos would walk around chewing whale blubber all day. That's pure fat. He also noted their health was head and shoulders better than their eskimo brothers and sisters who subsisted off western diets.

    Cro-Mag didn't evolve to eat eight servings of rabbit food. Cro-Mag couldn't have located eight servings a day if his life depended on it (good thing it didn't).

    And Cro-Mag's DNA - is essentially OUR DNA.

    Ask your Doc when humans made the "evolutionary" leap to subsist primarily off fruits and veggies. When did such a thing happen to Cro-Magnon man?

    It didn't.

  4. Honda, your accounts of early human history is a bit off.

    The majority animal bones we've found we now know where not due to massive hunting, but were due to glacial melting causing massive flash floods during the spring that wiped them away.

    This is not to say we didn't hunt large game; however, foods gathered play a much larger role in early human subsistence than you give credit for.

    This also does not mean I feel the western diet of refined grains is superior...in fact, I think it is unhealthy, and many people today do not have the GI's developed to digest newer grains (such as wheat) without GI issues.

    In fact, look at many "primitive" tribes today. The majority of their subsistence is gathered nuts and tubers.

    Here's a good site for some information regarding early human living and the return to primitivism today:


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