Reaching Macros: Timing.

  1. Reaching Macros: Timing.

    I want to hear some discussions on weather people believe how effective it is to get there macros in a day. I know people eat 2-4 meals snacks a day but not every 2-3 hours and other people 6-8 meals a snack every 2-3 hours both hits the macros but what's everyones feeling on this?

    Thx in advance guys.
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  2. I think logistically for me, what works best is 4 really large meals. I'm a 4th year student in university, and when I'm on campus all day, or at the library, I would rather only carry 2-3 meals with me, rather then 5 smaller ones. It also works best for the anabeta cycle that im doing right now. A sort of simple meal plan for me is

    1. Eggs with veg/oats and bananas/potatoes - round 800cals
    2. Big ass fruit shake - bout a 1000 cals and 40grams of protein
    3. loaded wraps of some kind - 3 big ass wraps with veg/potatoes/meat - another 1000 cals
    4. Pasta/meat/veg/potatoes/some kind of treat like a few spring rolls or something - round 800-1000 cals
    5. Dessert - I usually just pig out on more fruit, with a few small peices of chocolate.

    I tend to be more of a high carber, used to to be like 70/15/15 for percentage of calories coming from carbs/proteins/fats in the summer when I was road biking about 100km a week, but since its colder now, and I'm off the bike for most of the week, I'll slip down to about 60/20/20 which is where I like to be. Seems to work best for my body.

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