What is the correct weight for meat?

  1. What is the correct weight for meat?

    I have a question that has puzzled me for a while that i'm hoping someone can help with.

    Say i need to eat 160grams (roughly 8 oz) of chicken to get 50g protein. Is this measuring the chicken before or after it has been cooked?
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  2. Used the cooked measure for cooked, and raw for raw. Just be consistent. It seems like you will find different values for various meat depending where you look, pick one and just always use that.

    I typically just use 7g pro/ounce of COOKED chicken so if I wanted 50g that would be 200g of cooked chicken.

    Like I said it really doesn't matter, what is important is you are just using the same values all the time. If you count 50g as 250g(for ex) and lowered your protein to 40g or raised it to 60g you would base it off that number and need to consume 200g or 300g respectively.

    This site lists cooked at 9g per oz

    nd raw at 6g per oz


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