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  1. Sugar Intake

    Hey guys, for a while now i like to eat lf greek yogurt with some all natural granola mix.. carb content of the granola is 22g (4g sugars) which im fine with carbs due to bulking right now, but my question is the sugar content. I originally had some kashi granola which was 22g carbs but..(21g sugars) so i switched to this all natural granola.. 4 is much lower than 21 of course..duh.. but im just curious what everyones opinions are on sugars like this. Thanks!

  2. all carbs breakdown into glucose, thing is the amount of insulin secreted during which one you intake.

    300 carbs from straight sugar will cause the same amount of insulin to be secreted as 300g carbs from low glycemic sources, just not as much at one time. itll be slower release.

    Granola is a better option in my opinion. And you can have it post workout with some berries yogurtt and honey. Makes a fine post workout meal if bulking.

  3. 'Sugars' are just a simple form of carbs. They have either one or two saccharide molecules whereas complex carbs ('starches' or glucose polymers) have more. The complex versus simple is outdated; forget about it. Some simple carbs like fructose and lactose absorb slower than most complex carbs. Even sucrose (table sugar) is slower than some complex carbs.

    So to answer your question, you have to tell us what kind of sugar it is.

    Fast carbs will require MORE total insulin, gram for gram, than slow carbs. This is hard to explain but think of it this way. If you drink 6 beers all at once you will get hammered. If you drink one every hour for 6 hours, your body will have processed as much alcohol but you won't get nearly as drunk.

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