Protein Powder.

  1. Protein Powder.

    So I have some Gaspari peanut butter powder. Can't stomach the taste at all.
    Anyhow I've been thinking of creative ways to use it. Just wonder if I could get a couple ideas here.

    I'm going to try and mix a scoop or two into my whole grain oatmeal.

    Also thought about mashing up some bananas and using a scoop that way.

    Sure there are other ways. Not wanting to use it for baking or drinking.

    Thx for the help gang.
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  2. Haven't personally tasted that flavor,but what you could do is try adding some nestle quik might help with flavoring a bit

  3. I've never tried that. Taste good?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by WOWgold View Post
    I've never tried that. Taste good?
    One time, I picked up a tub of vanilla protein couldnt stand it so I tried adding qik does help a little.. more so when I had my protein shakes with milk

  5. Hi friends,
    i just want to gain my weight and fat, so please tell me what is the best shakes for it???
    what should i have to use for it???



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