Keeping a clean diet in college

  1. Keeping a clean diet in college

    I have maintained a good diet the last 8 months at home and dropped 20lbs. I am now down to a lean 170 and i feel great. I'm a freshman college athlete playing football right now. Living on campus is making it alot harder to eat right because i'm busy with classes and don't cook for myself anymore. Right now i have been making the best of it and my diet looks like this:

    Breakfast: Premier nutrition protien bar
    Snack: 2 scoops ON whey in water
    Lift for 1.5-2 hours
    Lunch: Plain Turkey Sandwich on whole wheat, fruit cup, fat free yogurt, 2 scoops ON whey in water
    Football Practice
    Dinner: 2 6oz. Chicken breasts, plate of spinach, banana
    Snack: Premier nutrition protien bar

    Currrently i'm taking:
    OEP 2 in the morning and 1 before my workout
    Mega men sport multivitamin

    Could you please critique this? What should i add to my supplements? I'm still on a cut but i'm trying to preserve all the muscle i can. Thanks in advance!

  2. Seems like your fats and kcals are too low. I'd caution against trying to lose weight during the season - its hard enough to recover just maintaining weight.


  3. I feel like you could eat a lot more especially during season your exhausting a lot of calories during practice and games and i went through the stage where i thought grabbing protein bars is enough buts its not you need whole foods for the vitamins and minerals i went through a stage where i basically ate protein shake and protein bars and not much else and i ended up getting pretty sick. A good diet for an athlete has to be balanced with adequate fats and carbs for energy and enough protein to support muscle growth and recovery.

    Forget about losing weight or trimming during the season because your overall performance will lack focus on getting a good amount of carbs and fats in but keeping the protein high. I mean i don't even see 1700 cals there and for an athlete i take in roughly 2,800-3,000 as a baseball player and i still can stay lean because im burning it all.

    ID reccomend some carb and fat sources snack on almonds sometimes instead of protein bars, get some whole wheat pasta or brown rice if you can mix in some red meat.

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