tips on my diet plz

  1. tips on my diet plz

    training for 3 yrs now

    600am: protein shake
    jimmy dean brkfast bowl ham it has the least sodium
    (gotta move quick cuz i start work at 6 so i just throw it in micro)

    4oz greek yogurt
    serving of granola with flax and omegas
    serving of natural almonds

    whole wheat bread tuna salad
    serving of nuts(pecans pistachios almonds peanuts hazelnuts)

    whole wheat bread 3oz turkey breast
    serving reduced fat cheez its

    200pm or 300pm


    post wrkout shake

    6oz steak or 6oz chicken breast
    2 cups brown rice
    sum type of vegetable cucumbers green beans?

    serving grapes 1 kiwi
    1 apple 1 banana

    2 whole eggs 3 whites
    turkey cheese 1 roma tomato

    900pm casien shake

  2. Doesn't mean anything to me without four pieces of information: 1. Your maintenance calorie level; 2. Your goal (maintenance, cutting, bulking); 3. The total calorie content of your eating plan; and 4. The macronutrient breakdown of your eating plan.

  3. i believe i did my bmr a while back and my bmr was around 2500 cals im bulking and nutritent breakdown for all the food is 3200 cals 110g fat 4302g sodium 275g carbs 163g protein

    sodium looks a lil high but if i drink a gallon and a half will that b ok?

    and not including my 3 protein shakes i take one in morning one post wrkout one casien before bed
    switching to a new protein soon

  4. well i think you are already doing fine ... every food has it's own nutrient values ....all u need to do try to add more protein foods in your diet because it is really necessary for getting more energy ....

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