Sports nutrition!!

  1. Sports nutrition!!

    Hey guys, need some help regarding pre race nutrition. I am a d3 swimmer in my senior year, and have come a long way an trying to make a run at nationals. I am 8.5% body fat, 194 lbs, max dead lift 450, max squat past 90 degrees 315, and max bench 295. Any help to know what gets my body to go the most is hugely appreciated!!!!

  2. Is this for pre-race or for training?

    A lot of variables to consider:

    Length of races, quantity of races, space between races, etc.

    Same with training: time in pool, weight training sessions/week, non-pool training sessions per week, etc.


  3. fats are a must,

    its shown in studies to help when added to carbs for energy and endurance.

  4. This would be pre race. My longest race is the 200 IM shortest race is 100 breast. O agree fats are a must, mono and poly fats are the best to integrate into the diet.

  5. How many races do you compete in per meet?

    Chances are, you probably do not need to excessively carb load if you are only doin 2-3 races. Having a high glycogen levels via a carbohydrate adequate diet will be plenty.

    If, however, you are doing several races and on several consecutive days, then carb loading would be a benefit.



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