heart rate jump! possible problem...

  1. heart rate jump! possible problem...

    Don't know where to post this, but just now my whole body especially arms felt very heavy! Then HR went low as I went upstairs where everyone was watching tv ( in case something happened ) my HR jumped up! Way up maybe 140+ ^. Wtf happened!? Im scared to go to bed, I don't want a heart attack...

  2. Those aren't signs of a heart attack. My guess would be anxiety due to the sensation in your limbs.


  3. I don't get anxiety like that, I have had twice palpations before and once a tachycardia from some odd reaction to a mix of Stims scariest **** I ever experienced.... im assuming just palpations but I might go to doc this week. My heart felt heavy past entire week
  4. Heart Dease

    I am feeling such problem for long days. I want any type of suggestion.
    Hey Guys,How are you? We are here for healthy Life.
    Thanks. :)

  5. Are you sensitive to tyramine? Tyramine will give you arrhythmias. It was probably in the stimulant supplement.

    Did you perhaps over consume potassium? Hyperkalemia can effect the heart, resulting in a reduction in excitability.

    What do you mean by your heart felt heavy?

    Definetly suggest you see a doc, a simple EKG stress test will clear up a lot.


  6. I did take alot of Stims yesterday 500ml coffee 730am and 230pm had 2.5 ser of C4, work since 530am.

    Like for example sometime u go about.life u don't feel ur heart like y don't feel ur liver or kidneys buy at times u can feel my heart like something heavy is inside my chest. Hard to explain huh

  7. You only feel your liver or kidneys when they are not functioning correctly. You feel your heart, i assume, because some sort of feedback mechanism is in place in order for the organism to know how hard he/she is working, the response to stress, and also because it is a muscle that impacts vessel pressure all over your body.

    I'd suggest getting a stress test, just to be on the safe side. A lot of mineral imbalances can effect the heart, but at least in this case they can rule out any ischemia (areas in the heart that are not recieving adequate oxygen during rest or exercise) or arrhythmias.

    I'd also try to avoid most stims as well...stick to moderate coffee if you need a booste.


  8. Hmmmm thanks for help man. I feel better today I had this before if I feel anymore stress ill go to doc.
  9. heart rate jump! possible problem...


    Thanks. I am not a doctor. I can give a dentist site, haha!
    Hey Guys,How are you? We are here for healthy Life.
    Thanks. :)

  10. You are me huh welcome tío Am
    ~ IRON LIVER™________ *[It's just advice man, that's all it is! You can take or do whatever the FCUK you wanna do!]

  11. I think so. Thanks
    Hey Guys,How are you? We are here for healthy Life.
    Thanks. :)


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