what to eat or take?

  1. what to eat or take?

    I was wondering for the people who are unable to take alot of food to work what do you guys eat? like for instance I'am a HVAC tech and sometimes i work on hotel roofs all day with no access to a microwave or refrigerator, what should i eat or take?

  2. Good ? i need a meal replacement bar or shake my self.But i don't want it from the store homemade would be perfect.
    But if you don't care a bar,shake(gainer) or meal replacement mix would work only need water.

  3. Are you able to bring a cooler with you if so you can bring pretty much anything i always find it tough to find stuff to bring to work but i usually end up just putting some leftovers from the night before in tupperware and bring that maybe with a good protein bar or some almonds and some fruit.

    I ate cold chicken all the time with some almonds, apples, bananas, protein bars you kind of have to be creative.
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