whats the best way to ripp down

  1. whats the best way to ripp down

    Hi I'm currently 18% body fat I was wandering what is the best diet for me to get to about 8% body fat?

  2. eat.train.sleep
    keep it simple to start invest in basics and get a good plan down first


    1. get YOUR macros sorted out with a calculation of her BMR (basal metabolic rate-calories required to just live)
    2. Factor in her activity load etc and add to equation. deduct 200 calories less than total daily requirements
    3. Assess how YOU feel with energy
    4. plenty of water
    I would suggest paleo to her but thats just me being biased (but it does work bro-my stamina has gone through the roof as a runner/endurance and athlete and semi pro cricketer.)
    5. Fasted morning walks 1/2 hour before breakfast to improve inuslin sensitivity.
    6. LOW GI carbohydrates pre workout ONLY with small protein and a touch of essential fats...example: slice of wholegrain spelt bread with some almond butter on it. POSTWORK- a shake or BCAA's is suffice here with maybe a drop of honey in it to kick start the muscle glycogen replacement.(within 20mins of completing training)
    7. add cinnamon and lemon where applicable in eating...
    8. Add in variety to training for the cardio aspect. make sure she has fun so that U keep it going and WANT to exercise.
    8. always couple a carb source with a protein source.
    9. lastly, be strict and honest. Write down and track everything and not so much weigh it out with food sizes per se, but eat till you know your happy but not full.

    Once you get all these areas down bro, then look into supps.
    80/18/2 % rule
    2= supps

    IF YOUR HAPPY, contine, if not drop of calories up to 500 off maintenance.

    Then look into fat burners, ph's, anabolics, AI and test, etc supps
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  3. Great advice ^

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BB12
    Great advice ^
    Thanks man.
    Must lay the foundation first
    ...::: Olympus Labs Athlete & Representative :::...
    Crossfit - DEMIGOD -

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