So heres my story.... I started working out when I was 17. I gained a lot and was obsessed with working out. My diet, traning and everything else was near perfect. I am now 19 and a whole different story. 6 months ago I finished taking a bottle of a prohormone called halotest25 because I was stupid and someone at the gym recommended it to me. I was stupid and just took them without knowing anything about PCT and other important info. After I finished taking it I freaked out and just kept thinking of how I ****ed up my life. This gave me anxiety and made me stress out as it was the only thing that I though about 24/7. I kept thinking of how my liver was going to fail and I became a bit of a hypochondriac for a while. I then developed brainfog/depersonalization about 3 weeks after I finished the halotest25. I still have it to this day 24/7. 3 and a half months ago I got a blood test and my testosterone came out at 406 and all my thyroid hormones were within normal range. I know 406 is way low for someone my age but does this mean that my body had been recovering? I want to get another bloodtest this week and see where my test is now. Could the brainfog/depersonalization be due to hormonal problems?

  2. Brain fog is so subjective its very hard to tell what causes it. We all go through these "****" parts of our lives. Hell, I'm there now and building myself out of it.

    In my opinion its all completely mental. I've been doing nothing but sitting around home the last 8 months due to a bad knee injury and subsequent surgery. All that time spent thinking about past mistakes and how I could've done this or that better lead to negative thought patterns and a murky view on life. You just gotta come to a point where you ask yourself, why am I doing this, it's getting me nowhere. After I realized that, I started thinking more positively along with eating healthier and my body naturally balanced itself out.

    You can go get another blood test if you feel more reassured that way but you may find that your body is already on track to fixing itself; all that's left is for your mind to get on board the same train. The human body is one amazing piece of machinery and does a damn good job of fixing most of the dumbass things we do to it so try not to worry to much. Just educate yourself a little bit on nutrition and human kinesiology and things start to become a little clearer. From the sounds of it, you'll be fine man!

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  3. Thanks man, It's always reassuring hearing some good advice bro.

  4. This is a bit of an off shoot idea but coming off competitions I always experience brain fog and it really impacts my work and sleep habits. I think going from heavy supplementation to none at all plays a big role especially if your using hormonoal/nootropic/stimulant products.

    A suggestion - get a detox. Clean out your system. For me its a mandatory thing after finishing a cycle or phase of any kind to take a week or two off completely and just detox.
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  5. could be low test / low dopamine

    give it some time, and maybe low dose clomid for a few months (50mg) if you feel you aren't recovering. make sure it's legit

    You could always try SAM-e to help in the meantime

  6. If you've been having anxiety, that explains the brain fog and derealization. It doesn't necessarily mean it's the source, but it seems likely.

    As for your liver, if you've been totally asymptomatic (anxiety by itself doesn't count IMO), I'll go out on a limb and say it's fine. If you were going to develop a drug-induced hepatitis it probably would have happened while you were on the steroids. You're off, and the insults to the liver have halted so it can go into repair mode. And, as an FYI, stuff like hepatic cysts would start shrinking as soon as you took the steroids away if I remember correctly. The only thing that still may be affected is your hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular-axis and I'm confident that will correct itself if it hasn't already. With your testosterone levels already in the normal range, I don't think you have much to worry about.

    Now, I want to address your complaint of anxiety. If you do have a clinical anxiety that IS a potentially life-altering issue. You need to get a hold of it now because anxiety does cascade in a rather insidious manner, and it can ruin lives. Luckily, it's very amenable to cognitive behavioral therapy (look it up) and if that's not sufficient the treatment is probably one of the safest and most effective class of drugs on the planet, the selective serotonin reuptake inhbitor (SSRI). Knowing what I know now I'd say get a psychiatrist and/or clinical psychologist consult as soon as possible if you can't nip the anxious feelings in the bud with the instructions you find online for CBT. Even non-psychiatric physicians underestimate the significance of such disorders, so if you do have a legitimate anxiety disorder you really need to take charge of it ASAP.

  7. I cant comment on a lot of this stuff, but i always get brain fog when im trimming down/not eating surplus calories. I have found that 2-3g of acetyl carnatine really helps this and lets me focus.


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