Help me decide if I should bulk or cut?

  1. Help me decide if I should bulk or cut?

    My problem is I'm too impatient and impetuous. I'll try towards one goal like geting to 10 percent bodyfat and I'll hate how I'll look the lower I get so I'll change my mind and consider bulking again. here's my problemL
    1. I've never been content with my arms/shoulders. I'm tall and lanky by nature with long, thin arms. My chest, traps, back esp, legs, calves, all can get really big, but never my arms. I think part of it is the fact that they are so long and thin that even if they were an inch bigger at 18'', they'd still look small. I've tried bulking before, but even if I follow a clean diet just alot of calories, i'll still gain alot of fat in my midsection and upper arms.
    2. Right now my bodyfat is around 15% about. Even when I was down around 10 %, I still had a stomach "pouch" and hardly any defintion in my shoulders and upper arms. The strangest thing is that my vascularity will get amazing though. I'm a personal trainer by profession but I got a new job where I have to teach boxing, and if I"m bulking that will make that much more difficult. The guy I work with though is a natural ectomorph just as naturally long and lean as me, but he looks amazing. Of course, he's five years younger, single, lives with parents, and little to no responsibility so he can focus on himself all day long. I'm married, two kids, one in preschool, one in first grade, my wife works full time, I work two different jobs, so I have little time to focus on myself. When I eat carbs, no matter what type, I feel much heavier on my feet, but when I do low carb I feel a lot lighter, but much more tired.

    Ultimately, I know that whichever I choose I need to stick to it for the long haul, but I've always wanted larger arms, but lower bodyfat as well.

  2. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Post one up so we don't have to paint a mental picture, it will be much easier to see which dragon you should slay first.
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  3. It took me to around 8% to lose enough fat in stomach area to start seeing my abs.Still then i had to pump them up alittle,now at 6.3% there hard to see because of hairy friggin stomach but they are showing,i found posture has alot to do with them showing too.

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