Overseas.... Could use some input please!

  1. Overseas.... Could use some input please!

    Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to ask you all a question! I’ve been a long time forum member, and am calling upon you all for a little advice! I am currently overseas working as a “provate security” contractor and USUALLY have access to gym, chow, etc.... The problem i’m having is that i dont feel i am getting the results that i “should” be getting. My question to you all is as follows... WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?! lol

    Here are my stats (i’ll make it brief...)

    26 yrs old
    180ish lbs
    12% bodyfat (estimate)
    8+ years training
    2 years of HEAVY training (no real “breaks” other than a week off every 8-10 weeks or so)


    Mon - Chest
    Tues - Back
    Wed - Legs/abs
    Thurs - Shoulders
    Fri - Arms
    Sat - cardio
    Sun - cardio

    *** Cardio is more of a “fat burn”, lower intensity cardio. I keep my heartrate at about 140-150... Typically fast pace walking on full incline. I am concerned that if i do too much cardio, i'll burn through precious muscle/strength gains...

    *** I vary my workout routines for bodypart about every other week. I still find myself getting sore after 2 years straight... Which is feel is great.


    CLA w/ each meal
    Green Tea Extract
    Tribulus (about 2-3 grams a day)


    1st meal 1:00pm -
    2 Boiled Chix breast
    Brown Rice (between .5 - 1 cup)
    Sweet.Sour sauce or BBQ sauce for flavor

    2nd Meal 4:00pm -
    2 Scoops Whey Protein (48 grams protein, 4 carbs - in water)
    Possibly almonds or assorted nuts if available

    3rd Meal - 6:30ish -
    2 boiled chix breast
    Brown rice

    ** This is difficult to decipher because i am limited as to what the Chow Hall is serving. They usually have brown rice and boiled chicken... but i can only take that so much. I will often make the brown rice and chicken my “base” meal... and add other stuff to it, if possible. For example, if its “chinese night”, i’ll add general tsao’s chicken and sauce ON TOP of my brown rice and boiled chicken for the flavor. It all depends on what is being served at night....

    Pre-Workout - 9:00pm -
    Half of a gatorade
    Pre workout supps (Jack3D)

    Post Workout Shake - 11:00pm
    2 Scoops Whey Protein (in water)
    Half Gatorade

    Late Meal - 12:30am
    Scrambled Egg Whites w/ LOTS of ham, little cheese, dabble of sour cream, salsa
    Two cartons of Skim Milk

    Pre-Bed Meal - 4:00am
    1.5 Scoops of Casein Protein

    4:30am-12:30pm SLEEP!!!

    Well, there you have it! That is my “typical” day, so long as i am able to get back to base in time for the gym or am not called out on anything. I bring shakes and powder with me.

    I try to eat/digest SOMETHING every 3 hours or so in order to keep my metabolism up.
    I dont eat as much carbs on my “off days”... and i try to make sure i limit my carb intake to PRE gym.

    As you can see by my schedule, i workout in the evenings... but my day doesnt typically start until 1:00pm. My “breakfast” is lunch type food.

    HERE IS MY PROBLEM.... I am really giving it my all in the gym. I am STEADILY increasing in weight every week or two. I hit my personal record on chest the other day (330lbs flat bench)... So i’m quite obviously getting stronger... but that doesnt seem to be translating into my physique! I notice slight gains in my arms... but i also think that i am not shedding ANY fat off my midsection/love handles. I carry MOST of my fat weight in my love handles...

    So based on the above... what would you critique about my diet and/or training? I have no choice but to workout at the time i do... and my meals are limited to boiled chicken and brown rice OR whatever high fat chow the chow hall is serving for the night! LOL

    My thoughts are:
    Increase lean intake (protein shakes or more boiled chicken)
    Decrease carbs in order to gain a “harder” look
    Limit my late night meal...

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated... and i thank you in advance for having read through all of this! Have a good one...

  2. why are you talking about getting lean AND building strength?
    unless you're really special pick one goal at a time, my yearly calories look like a zig-zag line slowly up, slowly down, slowly up, slowly down.

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