2 dumb questions re: fasted cardio and cooking

  1. 2 dumb questions re: fasted cardio and cooking

    #1 - Say I have my first meal at 2pm. (My feeding window is from 2pm-8pm). Does it matter when I do my fasted cardio? Would it be better to do it at 7am when I wake up as opposed to 1pm right before my first meal? Is there any physiological diffenece?

    #2 - Just curious. How much of whatever cooking oil I'm cooking with gets absorbed into the cooked food? For example, if I'm cooking eggs with 1 tsp of coconut oil... how much of those 40 calories/5 grams of fat from the coconut oil actually gets absorbed into the eggs?

  2. btw, it was me asking the questions. These weren't questions asked to me.

    Still looking for an answer. thanks!

  3. I heard that after fasted cardio you wait 30min for fat that released to burn off more,so depending on how long i guess it doesn't really matter.
    As for the oil if theres an oilly residue left when you wash the pan then not all of it got into the eggs.

  4. Cook with a dab of coconut oil. That way you can eat residual oil as well. Tasty
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  5. Fasted cardio is horrible if you're trying to maintain any amount of muscle. Your body is starved and has no carbs to burn so it catabolizes muscle. I guess if you're not worried about that then go for it (I will never do it nor recommend it). Also, an eating window makes no sense...especially when you need food so badly in the morning upon waking!? Worry about the quality of food you're eating and your overall calories...just my two cents
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  6. If you plan on doing your fasted cardio I would suggest supplementing with bcaas, and do it right before your first meal? With your eating window are you trying to lose fat and maintain muscle? Gain size/strength? When do you workout?


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