what type of beans

  1. what type of beans

    what type of beans do you guys eat? and any recipes?

  2. Black beans r the way to go. I put them in everyrhing from eggs to salads low n good protein cant beat it plus a can only cost a 1.19

  3. Black beans or red kidney beans are the ones that when i do eat them i go for.Plus there the only one's i found you can get with low sodium.
    Black in eggs,rice and kidney i like in salads or with a lean meat(pork loin)

  4. I'm in for black beans too. Gotta luv 'em!

  5. Obviously it would depend on if you actually want the carbs or not. I prefer to get my carbs from other sources so the only beans I ever do, and it isn't very often are just basic steamed green beans.

  6. All different types in all sorts of recipes.

    I buy my beans uncooked and in the bags....I soak them and then cook them myself - less preservatives and sodium.


  7. Cook some ground beef (turkey used to be my favorite) with some onions and garlic on olive oil, until it gets nice and golden. Once it's like that, add up the black beans and let it stir for a while. Add then some worchestershire (sp?!) sauce and some hot buffalo sauce, actually, make that a LOT of buffalo sauce. Cook it through, place it on a nice tortilla, add cheese on top and shazam, got yourself a delicious burrito.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  8. Green beans..

  9. Black beans


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