need advice about prohormones and antibiotics..

  1. need advice about prohormones and antibiotics..

    hello i really need some help.. i have a testicular infection and the doctor diagnosed me with epididymitis, i was prescribed with ciprofloxacin (antibiotic) and im currently on cycle with H-Drol. i wanna know if it is appropriate to stay on cycle while on the anti. on the antibiotic label is says to wait 2 hours before or after in regards to taking any vitamins or minerals. would it be ok to stay on cycle? i have 3 weeks left and im taking 75 mg of hdrol a day

  2. It says that because divalent cations such as calcium and magnesium can bind to it and make it inactive so stay away from things like milk while taking it as well. You can take them together as far as pharmacokinetic interactions go but as to what that will do with the epididymitis is anybody's guess. It may be best to stop until it is resolved.

  3. I would ask an M.D. Or even better, contact CEL (whoever makes that compound) and ask them directly. I would say NO you should NOT mix the two together.


  4. 99% of MD's would not know and CEL would 100% not know.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by LakeMountD View Post
    99% of MD's would not know and CEL would 100% not know.
    99% isn't giving them enough credit :P Most MD's would probably say that because ciprofoxacin is partially hepatically metabolized that it would be wise to stop taking a synthetic and unstudied anabolic androgenic steroid which alters liver function. You don't need to know anything about H-Drol other than it's an AAS to come to that conclusion.

    I'd hazard a guess that H-drol is more likely to inhibit rather than induce metabolism of cipro (if it does anything at all) just based on the fact that it's an 17a-AAS and it will still effectively treat the epididymitits. It also has a fairly wide safety margin, so one probably won't go toxic. However, it would be wise to discontinue the cycle and perhaps inform the PCP that one is taking a OTC hormone that is well-known to cause hepatic injury.


  6. Be careful with excess tox to your liver but cipro is ok on cycle iove done it a bunch for infections. I actually like levaquin better. Easier on stomach


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