The correlation between acne and NATURAL test production

  1. The correlation between acne and NATURAL test production

    Bobo/MOD team, please move this to another section if you think it is better suited (didn't know where to post about acne).

    Ok so heres the deal..My entire life I have always felt that I have had low testosterone levels for a teenage/young male. Sorry to get graphic, but I couldn't get a nut until I was like 16, when my buddies were talking about jerking off in like 5th grade. My theory also goes along with the fact that I seem to have a hard time building muscle/body comp changes considering how much time/effort I put into this lifestyle.

    The thing is I HAVE ALWAYS HAD ACNE LIKE NO OTHER! Most AS users would tell you that one of the first signs of elevated test levels during gear use is oily skin/acne. I don't use gear, but because of this I've always thought that high test levels=acne...Sorry but I never studied acne in my classes. Help me out.

  2. I can't help you with the science behind it, but I can tell you that in my particular case I don't develop acne until I'm into my PCT. Seems strange but is true. Leads me to believe there may not be a direct causal relationship for all people.
    I would supppose there are many other factors involved in acne than a simple more test = more acne equation.

  3. Elevated test means elevated DHT, Estrogen, Progesteron, IGF-1, its tough to really pinpoint the EXACT causes. It could easily just be an inbalance in hormone levels that can cause this or it could be a combination of tihngs. Truthfully I never really looked into it that much because I have never suffered with the problem much even during puberty.
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  4. I doubt it really has all that much to do with test... tribulus can cause acne, but doesn't seem to do much for muscle growth from what I've heard.

  5. Like Bobo said, acne can happen due to an imbalnce of hormones. That is why I believe that ppl develop it during pct. So in your theory that acne is equated with high test levels is simply unfounded.

  6. I happened to be thinking about this since im going through PCT right now. During my cycles the skin on my shoulders completely clears up. About 1 1/2 into PCT I notice more and more pimples appearing on my shoulders/traps. They go away in a week or two, but if it had to do with an imbalance youd think I'd get them when I begin a cycle as well.


  7. I've had the same experience Jesus (minus the clearing on cycle - I hadn't had much acne period until I started anti-E products).

    Nolva, torem, and the host of Rebound/Reloaded type products have all given me acne on my chest and back.

  8. Girls can get bad acne too. Its not necessarily a male hormone thing.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by BradCowin
    Girls can get bad acne too. Its not necessarily a male hormone thing.
    Females produce testosterone..........
    Although at much lower levels of course. I might be as bold to say that females would respond also if their levels are elevated.

  10. ive been using different gear on and off for about a year and i find i always get terrible acne on my shoulders and back but no-where else. i find i get them when i start a cycle and get worse the longer im taking them. this happens with pretty much any stuf i use, even mild stuff like equipoise. My spots seem to start clearing if i stop taking anything after about 8 weeks or so. But this is the main disadvantage i find of taking gear and im seriously considering giving up using anything ever again.

    its fair enough looking good in a t-shirt but in my opinion when you take your top off you wanna be proud of what youve got, not embarrassed coz of the boils everywhere, plus ive heard that bad acne can evn cause scarring so thats another thing im thinking about.

  11. good point on the female ex had complexion problems she still sometimes battles with so its not just guys.i think estrogen has alot to do with it,for the women self explanatory as its the main hormone.but for men,u have increased test making more estro and then especially we have probs in pct when u have an estro rebound effect.i and others have noticed this in the the q here is how to perhaps best use an antie for pct to avoid said rebound acne problem?

    there is another post here somewhere on a really good b5 therapy that i will be implementing soon.never breakout on my face thankfully but i get some bad ass bacne

    alot of solid info correlating healthy cholesterol levels to healthy skin as well.ill have to repost when i find the info again.spoke of how the arterial plaque releasing into the bloodstream caused problems...

  12. About 1 years ago my wife got started on the 3 month birth control injections and started to get back acne amongst other problems. My wife quit after her 2nd injection and stil1 1 years later suffers from acne. She is 32 and had no acne problems before the birth control injection. Anyone got any good tips to help get rid of the acne and acne scares?

  13. Acne has numerous causes, one of which is hormonal. Skin types also play a factor, as oily skin is also more prone to breakout (sebaceous gland blockage causes pustules --aka acne). Also, some people have a prevalence of p.acnes bacteria that invade pores, multiply, and cause the blockage along with sebum (from sebaceous glands).

    Besides being a RN, I have had a personal problem with this since I was 14. Have been seeing a dermatologist since with moderate to good results. It is important as severe acne can lead to permanent scarring.

    A good way to keep acne in check, is to follow a skin care protocol. Yes .......I know, how macho. But, if it works, who cares?!

    SkinWest has alot of pproducts that are typically only available through dermatologist's offices, but offers them to the public.

    Personally I have oily skin, and I know it's not hormonal total test and free test are normal and average, and my FSH / prolactin / etc are the same. It's genetic ...both my parents share this.

    MDForte has a strong facial wash for oily skin (Glycare Cleansing Gel --glycolic acid which helps decrease oil) that I use daily. It can be used on body acne, as well. This maybe harsh for some, a milder option is NeoStrata Facial Cleanser, which has PHAs,and can actually hydrate while cleansing.

    NeoStrata also has a Oily Skin Solution with AHAs, which stips surface lipids (the sheen some people get) and limits sebaceous gland blockages.

    While I've not yet used any gear, PHs, or non-PHs, the above works for me and limits breakouts. You may consider it? Your skin type will dictact what to use, as will your budget. The site easily helps you choose products by your skin type.

    Just remember, cleansing twice daily is usually indicated.

    Hope this helps! I'm no dermatologist, and this advice isn't meant to diagnose or make any promise of a solution for anyone. Just general advice. See your physician for more personalized treatment / recommendations.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by badbart
    About 1 years ago my wife got started on the 3 month birth control injections and started to get back acne amongst other problems. My wife quit after her 2nd injection and stil1 1 years later suffers from acne. She is 32 and had no acne problems before the birth control injection. Anyone got any good tips to help get rid of the acne and acne scares?

    Overtime the PHAs / AHAs / glycolic acids will HELP scarring, and it will diminish. However, you may wish to check into a medication (Rx only ..sorry) called Retin-A. A low strength (%) used nightly will remove scarring all together. It's a derrivative of Vitamin-A (but vitamin A won't help itself).

    It's indication for use is 1) acne 2) prevention / reversal of signs of aging (wrinkles, etc). I personally would not recommend letting your personal MD monitor and titrate this as most do not understand it, and prescrible TOO much causing the face to peel and become red. Seek a dermatologist.

    It reacts with water, so it is advisable to apply 30-60 minutes after bathing / cleansing in the evening before bed. Some peeling and redness is expected, as the skin begins to keratinize (spelling??). IT will go away.

    Hope this helps

  15. Imprez,
    What would you recommend for chest/back acne???

  16. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    What would you recommend for chest/back acne???
    This would depend on many factors.

    Unless you're using gear, PHs, nonPHs, your hormones should be pretty stable. If you are using any of the above, be aware, the problem will worsen ....but regardless of the two, there are things you can do to help prevent / remedy them.

    If you have hair that you shave .....use a shaving gel that is noncomdengenic (does not promote acne). Aveeno has a good one that is available pretty much everwhere. This gel also greatly reduces razor burn, bumps, etc which can get infected and minic acne.

    If you nair, this can cause localized irritation, bumps, etc ...I dont recommend this, but it is still effective if your skin can handle it.

    As far as cleansing you use soap bar or a gel? Because of the ingredients, the bar typically will cause more acne than a gel such as Axe. If the scent is bothersome to sensitive skin, try a fragrance-free gel, which is probably the best overall bet.

    You replace your epidermal layer of skin over your whole body ins 30 days. Sometimes skin does not exfoliate as it should, so helping it along with a shower poof thing each day with cleansing. (so descriptive, i know are they called?)

    The above may not be enough ......all the facial cleansers above can be used on the chest/back. What is your skin type? Oily maybe go for MDForte Glycare .... Normal / Dry maybe for the NeoStrata Facial Cleanser.

    You can typically easily get a MD to write you a script for Cleocin-T solution......1% if I remember correctly. It's clindamycin phosphate topical solution (get the 60mL bottle! save $), which is effective in reducing the p.acnes and resolving pustules, its applied after cleansing twice daily.

    Lastly, avoid lotions unless the the bottle specifically states noncomdemgenic (Aveeno has a a good one).

    If combined, the above should prove just about anyone's plan to combat acne, gear or no. But it's a battle you constantly fight.

    12 years and counting for me....

    While this is my individual treatment plan, it maybe useful for some. Each person is so unique though, that results will certainly vary. As with lifting, consistency is the key to success.


    Glycare Cleansing Gel

    If my skin is really dry, I use this instead of the above:
    NeoStrata PHA Facial Cleanser

    NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution

    Cleocin-T Solution / Gel


    Repeat abaove

    Hope this helps

  17. from my research i have found that side effects like added hair, acne and hair loss are all prone to the genetics of the person. For example if when you hit puberty you had bad acne then when you start aas you are going to be more likelly to get acne, rather than someone who really didn't get acne as a teenager. Same goes with added hair etc.

  18. In regards to your testosterone issues in youth, it was probably that you simply started puberty at a later rate than others around you. Sometimes this can be an issue but in most it is not.

    In regards to acne, I tend to believe that one of the main culprits is fluctuations in hormone levels but not necessarily testosterone. In part, I believe this due to the high levels of acne issues in women who are pregnant/post pregnancy or on birth control. Birth control in many cases can vastly improve acne but change birth control and acne can get worst. So for me, this is pointing to a hormonal issue.

  19. Imprez, I think you were trying to refer to a loofah! lol.

    Oh and I have read many places that drinking honey and lemon first thing in the morning helps clear acne.

  20. Correct me if I'm wrong, but my dermatologist informed me years ago that contrary to popular belief, all acne results from the same culprit.....hormones. All the creams and pills do is control the symptom, which in this case is the acne.

    Think about it though.....when you're on stuff, within a few weeks, depending upon what it is that you're using, you begin to notice an increase in the oil you're secreting through the pores of your face. Thats occuring because you're hormones are changing. Also, when you're coming off, and you're body's trying to reestablish a homeostatis with regard to your endogenous production and you're assisting though SERMs and AIs use, you're skin is still oily and most likely you're breaking out. All the creams to curb oil secreation and pills to fight off the bacteria can't do anything to control what the body is trying to do with regards to your hormones.

    Now some are more prone to this than others. Some breakout on the shoulders and back, while others only on the face. But the same factor here is responsible for the breakouts (so I've been told and still believe).

  21. I beleive its related to hormones. The fact you can still get acne with low T levels can be because of T:E ratio.
    But more importantly, certain hormone receptors can be more or less sensitive due to genetics, for example a lot of white europeans dont have as much body hair as for example, middle easterns, do you think its because there hormone levels are diffrent? nope, its genetics.


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