ok so im going to be running a ph for a jump start to my bulking plan in the winter i have read numerous things about diet and have played around with a few of them i used a 40 40 20 diet for a long time but then switched to a 60 20 20 carbs being 60 because i try to eat 3000-3500 cals. a day and with a 40 40 20 diet that is like 350 g prot. and about 50 to 60 grams of prot. a meal which cant all be used so im really confused on what i should do maybe 45 35 20? because i always thought you couldnt absorb more than 30 to 40 g of protein per meal so that would be at most 240 grams because i eat 6 meals a day but then i read on a ph/ds i should eat 2 grams per lb of body weight being 340 or so please help im really lost at this point