Trying to work out lean gains

  1. Trying to work out lean gains

    Im looking at starting the lean gains diet very soon.

    Im still trying to get my head around it.

    Ive worked out my meal times:

    12pm-20% daily calories
    4pm-25%daily calories
    8:30pm- 55% of daily calories

    my workout day meals would look like this

    200grams chicken
    1/2 cup rice
    150 grams cottage cheese

    2 scoops wpi

    200grams chicken
    1 cup rice
    3 eggs

    2 scoops of wpi
    200grams steak
    2 cups of pasta
    150grams cottage cheese

    Then on non workout days i would reduce the rice and add in more nuts and healthy fats. essentially when i work out all the macros (being carb sensitive), id aim for 2500 cals on weight lifting days and 2000 cals for non workoutdays.

    This is just a rough outline, i havnt worked out the macros. I know its supposed to be a cut, but does this seem like enough food?

    I would also look at eating diet jelly if i got hungary after my last meal.

    id appreciate any tips.

  2. If your getting enough calories for your goals then the menu looks ok. Some points:

    - You should only be eating for 8 hours and fasting for 16 hours. If you are breaking the fast at 12 then you shouldn't be having a meal at 8:30. You need to finish your last mean before 8pm.
    - Most people have a big meal when breaking the fast so 20% calories will probably be too little. Don't forget you won't have had anything to eat for 16 hours so you will likely be starving.
    - A lot of people who use IF find they are able to take it more calories and carbs than if eating 6 meals a day so you may not be so carb sensitive on this diet. You may need to change the macros/calories as you go along

  3. I'll have to break my fast at 1230pm then as i often dont have dinner after my gym sessions until 830pm. However i could have it at 7pm on non workout days.

    Thanks for the other tips. I'll have to experiment. Your point about the first meal makes sense. Maybee i'll make it 30/25/45 weightings

  4. There is a long (54 pages) thread at The Lean Gains / IF learning and Discussion Log, which is worth reading through as there is a lot of really good information from people who have tried the diet.

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