Its been in the danish media the last month or so. I have yet to find the research translated or published in English, so I have just translated this " http:/ / " danish page and corrected a few things that google translate didn't translate all that well, its not error free and there might be funny expressions I havent edited. I also posted it in another thread on the forum, but this is most likely the right place for this information

Sugar blocks the healthy effects of fish oil

By: Kristian Sjøgren , Journalism, Environment & molecular biologist

Omega 3-fatty acids found in fish oil, are healthy and help reduce obesity. New research shows that sugar in the diet inhibits the effect of Omega 3.

If you start your morning with a fish oil pill, which you wash down with a glass of juice before you eat a sandwich with jam, then you are probably not as healthy as you think you are.

Health effects of fish oil omega 3-fatty acids are severely reduced by the sugar in juice, according to new research from nationally Institute of Nutrition and sjømatforskning (NIFES) in Norway. The research has been provided on the basis of a collaboration between NIFES, University of Copenhagen, University of Bergen and Beijing Genomics Institute.

Fish oil is like butter if you have sugar in the diet
"There is incredible literature that says that fish oil to some extent may counteract the development of obesity," says senior scientist Lise Madsen from NIFES, which also is an associate professor at Copenhagen University. But the new research turns that idea upside down. Reality is far more complicated and if you eat your fish oil wrong, you end up just taking on (fat) instead.

Experiments on mice show that the sugar blocks fish oil's ability to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. According to Lise Madsen, who is behind the study, fish oil behaves totally ineffective as fish oil, when you have sugar in the diet. "you might as well eat a spoonful of butter instead of fish oil if you have too much sugar in your food. If you combine your fish oil with sugar, you end up actually gaining weight instead of lose it, "she explains.

Attempts made obese mice

The experiments revealed that the combination of fish oil and sugar made mice significantly fatter than if they just got fish oils and proteins. Actually, experiments showed that the more protein there was in the diet, the greater was the effect of the fish oil.

"Earlier studies in mice and rats show that fish oils stops the development of obesity. Our results show that the effect will be nullified if there is sugar in the diet. It is the simultaneous intake of fish oils and carbohydrates, which is unfortunate, "explains Lise Madsen.

In the experiments mice received different amounts of sugar and proteins, but the calorie amount and oil volume was always the same.
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Beware of blood sugar when you eat fish oil

Insulin plays a central role in the storage of energy in the body. Maturation takes place mainly as fat. When blood sugar is high, insulin is secreted from the pancreas.

According to Lise Madsen you should think about when you eat your fish oil, and what you've eaten before.

"If the revelations are the same on humans as they are on mice, you should wait the time it takes until your blood sugar is stabilize before you eat fish oil. I imagine that most eat fish oil in the morning, but really we should probably prefer to eat the evening(haha!). Then you can be sure you dont gain in weight because of the fish oil, "says Lise Madsen.

The results will be published soon in the Distinguished journal PLoS ONE