Alpha one

  1. Alpha one

    I'm about to start Alpha one need a good nutritional plan! Please help I'm trying to get the most out of this cycle

  2. Dont take it!

    Find out a diet that works for you and one you can stick to. If you cannot figure out a diet that works for you there is no way you have figured out a workout routine that can work for you as well. I say that because if you did then you would generally have a diet effecient enough not to ask for help before risking your body takng steroids. Not to say steroids are bad but cycling without knowledge is the worst thing you can do.

    If you need help finding out basics on dieting and/or training I'd be happy to post where you can find such information. Also you could just google what you need.
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  3. you are clearly not ready to take steroids
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    I've also done fasting and doseing and felt grealt anabolicness , deffint hunger but I'm stronger than that keep full and vascular and strength gose up

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