Added carbs/noodles - significant growth?

  1. Added carbs/noodles - significant growth?

    Years back when I started to get healthy and drop weight I cut bread, pasta and rice almost completely out of my diet which which worked well and I managed to drop a ton of weight (also started exercising and cut out fatty BS foods.)

    Anyway, I was in Asia for 16 days and ended up having very little options around not eating rice or noodles - I managed to avoid ride but did eat noodles almost daily...

    I'm posting this because when I came home I noticed that my arms (I measure weekly) actually bulked up quite a bit while I was gone??? I worked out the entire time I was gone so no real change there, the only thing I did different was add in a ton more carbs??

    Any thoughts on this?



  2. Ive never believed in the no-carb route, but rather choose good carbs the reason the no-carb route came up so strong was because so many people were eating white bread, soda, cake, candy, sweets, chips all this junk that is classified as carbs gives a terrible name to carbs as a whole. Complex carbs should be in everyones diet and im pretty sure most have them, they supply the body with energy and help with organ function. I've never gone the no-carb route since most of my life carbs are easiest to come by when on the run, its easy to make a peanut butter sandwhich on wheat bread or some whole grain pasta then to cook a full meal of chicken with rice and brocoli atleast in my world.

    I avoid all the fancy talk and experiements when it comes to very specifics within nutrition, fact of the matter is everybodys body is different and reacts differently to certain foods some can eat junk all the time and get jacked some like me eat pretty healthy but not 100% and stay in good athletic shape. Basically if your body reacts well to it, then do it its trial and error to figure out which diet works best for you cause it worked for someone doesn't mean it will for you, IF it added size stick with if you see some more fat coming on your body adjust accordingly.

    The science and theories and opinions set the foundation for your diet but in the end its what works best for you.

  3. Added glycogen retention will make you swell up like that. Welcome to a hefty carb load!!

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