1. Headaches

    The last three workouts I've gotten headaches that have forced me to stop the workout shortly into it...Im raging!! This sucks..

    1. I think I need to drink more water

    or 2. My blood pressure is too high

    Since starting taking a PH my blood pressure has been higher (systolic 137, diastolic 82, pulse rate 89)

    What should I do?

  2. I recently upped the dosage to 75mg, should I drop back down to 50mg...and up the amount of hawthorne berry I am taking?

  3. Okay, reading more on high blood pressure and headaches caused from it. I've decided to discontinue the PH until my BP goes back down, what are some other things I can buy to help this?

  4. i would say ibuprofen would help but ive heard that hurts protein assimilation. Not sure how accurate that is though. Drinking water always helps me

  5. Drop it down to 50.

  6. Im either gonna drop down to 50 or just quit. Gonna pick up celery seed extract and anything else I might need tomorrow.


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