Nutritional Info on an Actual Grilled Turkey Breast

  1. Nutritional Info on an Actual Grilled Turkey Breast

    I'm not sure if this goes here but does anyone know the nutritional values for a grilled turkey breast without skin??? For some reason I cannot find a consistent answer on google. I am trying to make sure I have the right counts for a 5oz grilled (on good ole George Forman grill) turkey breast tenderloin.

    Best answer I got was about 35 calories/oz but I could not even validate that and I am trying to figure out the protein and fat content as well.

  2. Any reason why the nutritional value is not on whatever you bought it? Or is it organic or something local?

    Knowing that this would differ from brand to brand, you won't find something perfect but you should easily be able to ballpark the contents of it (most meats are in 4 oz serving sizes). I don't know why you'd need it to be exact anyways.

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