How to increase/improve iron stores?

  1. Lightbulb How to increase/improve iron stores?

    My wife has been struggling with ferritin levels and iron stores. She has supplemented with iron and while on iron supplementation her levels rise. Once she is off iron supplementation her levels drop back down again to below clinical values.

    She has had a bone marrow biopsy and it indicated that she does not "store" here iron well if at all. Ironically all other RBC values are within range including hemaglobin, hematocrit, etc., with the exception of here platelet count astronomically high.

    She is negative for lukemia and or any other sinister culprit.

    I have read that Vitamin C supplementation can improve absorption and retention of iron.

    I'm looking for some credible data supported suggestions to improve iron absorption and stores.

    Thank you!

  2. I'm going to guess she obviously has not hit menopause yet correct? Vitamin C DOES help with absorption of iron, I take 1-2g of it everytime I take an iron tab for absorption. Calcium also blocks the absorption, so be wary of that. Also what form of iron specifically is she trying to supplement with? There are a few different types, and some people absorb certain types far better than others, some don't absorb certain types at all. Black stool is a sure sign that it is being absorbed.

    Magnesium can help immensely if constipation crops up from supplementing with iron.

    Also....if she hasn't hit menopause yet, why try to STOP supplementing with it in the first place? Most women who have iron problems pre menopause need to stay on it since they are going to be losing a large amount of it on a monthly basis anyways.

  3. She become symptomatic when she gets low.

    She is a hemachromatosis carrier and there is concern with too high levels. She gets her levels clinical and stops and then it drops below clinical in a short time.

    Taking it causes her intestinal disturbance.

    Her bone marrow biopsy showed no stores.

    She is seeing an oncologist/hematologist yet this has baffled her as well.

    She has just begun again taking slow FE 45mgs and will be supplementing with vitamin C.

    Thanks for the input.

  4. sure thing. Admittedly I'm far from an expert in the hematology field, so if I suggest something stupid....humor me, lol.

    I'm not sure specifically what form of iron Slow FE is, if it is the standard ferrous sulfate that most supp with, many people have digestive/stomach issues with it. Using a form of iron that is ferrous GLUCONATE is usually preferred for these people as it seems to be much milder on the stomach.

    One other thing I will throw out there, and it seems like this is all I talk about lately is her thyroid. The thyroid hormones are what are responsible for the body "holding on" to its iron stores. Both conditions generally exist simultaneously, one because of the other....or vice versa.

    Here is an article describing what I mean:

    Best of luck to both you and your wife.

  5. Slow FE with its unique controlled delivery system gives you the high potency iron you need with the gentleness you want. This Box Contains 30 Tablets Slow FE Iron Supplement, Slow Release Gentle to your system. Clinically shown to reduce constipation and abdominal discomfort when compared to the leading slow release capsule and regular iron tablets. High potency, once a day, 60% fewer incidence of GI side effects when compared to immediate release iron tablets. Gentle to Your System: Clinically shown to reduce the side effects (constipation and abdominal discomfort) common to iron use. Doctor Recommended Ingredient: Slow FE contains ferrous sulfate, the ingredient most recommended by doctors.

    She has had a blood draw every three months for what seems like forever. Ironically, just yesterday her results were in from her recent draw and she commented that her thyroid results were normal.

    Her doctor has been 'challenged' by her case.

    It may be time to call "House"

    Thanks again.

  6. My rep power just went up like an astronomical amount! No problem David. Thanks for the boost
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    Great input, Makaveli. You know far more about ferritin than I do. I tried to rep you as well, but apparently need to rep others first
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  8. I would check for low stomach acid, possible infections or malabsorption issues.
    She may be not absorbing it or may have thyroid issues which is preventing proper absorption due to down regulation of DIT enzyme which takes iron from GI to blood storage.
    If she is taken calcium, zinc, chromium, copper, around the same time these all compete for the same GI receptors.

    She could have celiac or inflammed intestines from food allergies,
    Is she a heavy bleeder, been checked for ulcer, or hpylori.
    Check b-12 levels, folate b-6.
    Best source for iron is good old liver tabs from beverly international.

    I had a person allergic to whey, casein, and gluten with low ferritin. After removing those his levels rose higher then every surpassing that with supplementation.

    I would need more data.


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