Food Allergy: A Cause of Acne..

  1. Food Allergy: A Cause of Acne..

    Food allergy can produce new pimples or worsen existing acne.The most common cause of acne is caused by using dairy products including pasteurized milk, cheese, butter, cow’s milk, curd, cream etc. Everybody is aware that hormonal imbalance causes acne. Dairy products contain high level of hormones. Milk and dairy products also contain excessive iodine, which will also cause acne. Acne sufferers should decrease the dairy intake in order to avoid aggravating their symptoms. Although milk and dairy products are rich in nutrients and best sources of calcium and protein, you should try cutting out milk for a few weeks and see if there is improvement in your acne symptoms.

    Meat can also be the other cause of acne because animal proteins are more difficult to digest than vegetable proteins. Eggs are known to cause many skin allergies and acne is one of them. Egg yolk contains large amount of fats and certain elements that can cause acne.

    Try to avoid products from cereals such as biscuits, bread and noodles etc. Wheat and other cereals also lead to acne. You should avoid eating too much oily and spicy food. Beverages like tea, coffee and cola are also the reason of acne.

  2. Anything that has sweets can be avoided because this is mostly the culprit. Refined sugar is one.
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