is my diet good for my ph cycle?

  1. is my diet good for my ph cycle?

    currently bulking and i weigh 175-178 around there. i am trying to put on size with pmag but diet is most important
    i do count my macros and cals and i try to aim for 3500-4000 a day.
    my main foods are : Chicken,beef,fish,turkey
    carbs : oats, brown/white rice, White/sweet potato, whole wheat bread
    fats : almonds,olive oil ,fish oil

    is it necessary to count ur macros when on a bulk? or just calories?

  2. Keep it clean, make sure you get around 1g/lb of protein and enough carbs to fuel your workouts. Other than that the healthy fats and maybe some anti oxidants from fruits is all you need. If you see movement on the scale you're eating enough. If not eat more. Counting calories just makes it easier for ppl to track intake more precisely. TBH, it's probably best if you counted for now until you get a grasp on energy values of everything. If you already got a good grasp on this stuff then just go with increasing food. But knowing pretty much how much you eat on average will help out, especially when you try to cut.

  3. What do you eat before bed?

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