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    ok well first of all im wanting to do the german volume training workout and im also doing a carb cycling diet is that ok? i know the workout is for mass and forced growth and size but im only eating about 2500 to 3000 calories and also the whole workout routine confuses me one person says your suppose to do supersets the next person says do each set and rest 90 sec. between each sets for example if it were a chest and back day and i were to do 10x10 i have one person that says to do 1 set bench rest 90 sec. then do 1 set pull ups rest 90 sec and then i have another person saying its supposed to be 1 set bench superset with 1 set pullup then 90 sec. rest can someone shed light onto this topic and is this diet ok for this program 3 days i eat 6 meals 48 grams protein 31 grams carbs and 11 grams fat then one day 38 grams protein 61 grams carbs and 11 grams fat per meal is this ok or should i hit more carbs because i wanted to lean out more im about 11-12% bf now wanted to get to 7 or 8 however im starting to look kind of skinny weighing 177 at 5'10''


  2. please anybody?

  3. It's a set of bench supersetted with 10 pull ups....then 90 seconds...

    Diet is fine... Just make sure your eating about 300-500 over maintenance on training days and 300-500 under maintenance on off days.

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