Replenishing my fuel

  1. Replenishing my fuel

    I'm approaching 50 and I've been working out off and on for years but I've never had the feeling of hunger that Ive had lately.
    I was cutting back on cal's for a while to lose some flab and now that I've gotten rid of most of that I feel that my fat stores are so low I have to eat a lot more to keep my energy up.

    I'm sure this is all natural and no big deal and I also know that I now need to increase my cal's (the right kind of foods) to gain muscle while controlling my fat%.
    The calculators online say I need to consume about 3,000 cal's to gain safely.

    It's not easy to start eating so much compared to what I've been eating lately and I've noticed my stomach capacity has shrunk.
    I'm eating a lot of oatmeal and eggs in different forms (boiled, egg whites, omelettes) I also have whole wheat pasta as well as chicken, fish and veggies.
    I tend to stay away from pork and beef for budget reasons as well as the fat content.

  2. What did you want to know? How to get in clean calories to get in your 3000 cal mark?

    I'm sure there is a lot of info on this forum. Budget bulking might help you. I remember seeing a thread like that recently.

    For a quick answer I'd say to make sure you have your macros set and then find sources of cheaper foods that match that, while keeping everything as far from processed as possible.

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