so, i've been into powerlifting for a while and i have a good physique on me but one thing that i always thought that ruined my overall look is my mild gyno..

it's rather mild, the duct fat is mainly just inside and a bit around my nipple, but even then i am rather self conscious about them. i've had them since i was a little kid (i was obese so you couldn't really tell) and i don't take steroids, and quit all the drugs i used to do so obviously that's not it.

anyway i've heard that if the gyno is mild enough it can be reversed with drugs like tamoxifen (anti-estrogen) or anastrozole (aromatase inhibitor). but that's for steroid users, would it work on genetic gyno too?

most people say that going under the knife is the only option, but i have nowhere near enough money and would rather take meds than have someone cut me open.